Betaine hydrochloride CAS NO. 590-46-5

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Betaine hydrochloride  (CAS NO. 590-46-5)

Betaine Hydrochloride is an efficient, superior quality, economical nutrition additive; it is extensively used to help animals to eat more. The animals may be bird, livestock and aquatic product.

pig feed additive


1). As a methyl supplier, it can partly replace the Methionine and Choline Chloride, lower production costs. Its biological titer equals to three times of DL-Methionine and 1.8 times of the Choline Chloride whose content is fifty percent.
2). Promoting fat metabolism, raising the ratio of the lean meat. Improving meat quality
Having feed attractant activity, so improve the taste of the feed. It is the ideal product to improve the growth of the animals (bird, livestock and aquatic product).
3). It is the buffer of the osmolality when is stimulated changed. It can improve the adaptability to the ecological environment changes (cold, hot, diseases etc.). Can raise the survival rate of the young fish and shrimp.
4). Maintaining intestinal function, and have synergies with coccidiostat.

Product specification: 25Kg/bag

Storage method: Keep it dry, ventilative and sealed 

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  1. As an amino acid zwitterion and a high efficient methyl donor, 1kg betaine can replace 1-3.5kg of methionine.

  2. Improve broiler feeding rate, promote growth, also increase egg production rate and reduce the ratio of feed to eggs.

  3. Improve the effect of Coccidiosis.


  1. It has anti fatty liver function, enhances fat metabolism, improves meat quality and lean meat percentage.

  2. Improve the feeding rate of piglets, so that they can have a significant weight gain within 1-2 weeks after weaning.


  1. It has strong attractant activity and has special stimulation and promotion effect on aquatic products such as fish, shrimp, crab and bullfrog.

  2. Improve feed intake and reduce feed ratio.

  1. It is the buffer of the osmolality when stimulated or changed. It can improve the adaptability to the ecological environment changes (cold, hot, diseases etc.) and raise the survival rate. 


    Species of animal

    Dosage of betaine in complete feed

    Kg/MT Feed Kg/MT Water
    Piglet 0.3-2.5 0.2-2.0 Optimum dosage of Piglet feed: 2.0-2.5kg/t
    Growing-finishing pigs 0.3-2.0 0.3-1.5 Improving carcass quality: ≥1.0
    Dorking 0.3-2.5 0.2-1.5 Improving the medicine effect  for worms with antibody or reducing fat≥1.0
    Laying hen 0.3-2.5 0.3-2.0 Same as above
    Fish 1.0-3.0 Juvenile fish:3.0Adult fish: 1.0
    Turtle 4.0-10.0 Average dosage: 5.0
    Shrimp 1.0-3.0 Optimum dosage: 2.5

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