Ethyl isocyanoacetate 98% CAS NO.:2999-46-4

Short Description:

CAS NO.:2999-46-4

Assay: 98%

Name: Ethyl isocyanoacetate

Synonyms: Ethoxycarbonylmethyl Isocyanide; Ethyl 2-Isocyanoacetate

Molecular Formula: C5H7NO2

Molecular structure:

CAS NO:2999-46-4

Formula weight: 113.11

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Molecular structure:

Ethyl isocyanoacetate

Molecular formula: C5H7NO2

Formula weitht: 113.11

CAS NO,: 2999-46-4

Technique specification

Appearance colourless or light yellow liquid
Assay ≥98%
Density 1.03
b.p. 194-196 °C
Refractive index 1.417-1.425
f.p. 84 °C

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