Factory Price Potassium Diformate 97% Cas No 20642-05-1

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Product name : Potassium Diformate

Appearance : White crystallie Powder

CAS NO.: 20642-05-1

Purity: 96%  97%

Application: Growth promoting agent


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Cas No 20642-05-01Feed Grade Potassium Diformate For Aquatic with Cheap Price

Potassium diformate is an organic acid salt, KDF for short, which is composed of a molecule of formic acid and a molecule of potassium formate by hydrogen bonding dimer.
Potassium diformate is an acid formate salt, which not only has the antibacterial and growth promoting properties of formic acid, but also has the unique palatability, safety and easy processing.
Potassium diformate (Formi) is odorless, low-corrosive and easy to handle. The European Union (EU) has approved it as non-antibiotic growth promoter, for use in non ruminant feeds. Maximum inclusion level of potassium diformate is 1.8% as registered by the European authorities which can improve weight gain up to 14%. Potassium diformate contains the active ingredients free formic acid as well as formate has the strong anti microbial effect in stomach and also in duodenum. Potassium diformate with its growth promoting and health enhancing effect has proven to be an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.
Its special effect on the micro flora is regarded as the main mode of action. 1.8% potassium diformate in growing pig diets also significantly increase Feed intake and feed conversion ratio was significantly improved where growing pig diets was supplemented with 1.8% potassium diformate. It was also reduced pH in the stomach and duodenum. potassium diformate 0.9% significantly reduced the pH of duodenal digesta.
Potassium Diformate is a new alternative for antibiotic growth agent, as feed additives. Its nutritional function and roles:

1. For pig.
The application of potassium dicarboxylate in pig feed can play the role of antibiotics and promote growth, such as increasing
average daily weight gain of piglets, feed conversion rate, reducing diarrhea rate and mortality rate of piglets.
2. For Poultry.
Potassium dicarboxylate can significantly increase feed intake and feed conversion of broilers.
3. For Aquaculture
Potassium dicarboxylate can significantly improve the growth and survival rate of shrimp.
(1)Adjust the feed palatability and increase animal’s intake of feed.

(2)Improve the environment of the digestive tract, reduce the pH of the stomach and small intestine;
(3)Antimicrobial growth promoter, adds the goods significantly reduces the anaerobes,lactic acid bacteria, Escherichia coli and Salmonella content in digestive tract. Improve the animal’s resistance to disease andreduce the number of death cause by bacterial infection.
(4)Improve the digestibility and absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients of piglets.
(5)Significantly improve the daily gain and feed conversion ratio of pigs;
(6)Prevent diarrhea in piglets;
(7)Increase the milk yield of cows;
(8)Effectively inhibit feed fungi and other harmful ingredients to ensure feed quality and improve feed shelf life.

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