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The unique advantages of nano material apply to the mask base cloth, which can play a role  breathable and impermable, so that the skin can increase the efficiency of passive absorption of essence, thereby increasing the function of nutritional components to a certain extent.

nano mask

The advantage of nano beauty mask base membrane:

  1. The unique Nano moisturizing function enables the skin absorption system to reach the limit of the skin absorption system. The same quality mask has plenty of liquid volume, high moisture retention and durability.
  2. The mask is coated with nano uniform pore base layer, with light weight and excellent comfort.
  3. It is more suitable for the face and has the characteristics of tightening the skin, shrinking pores and brightening the skin.
  4. It can be combined with a variety of essential ingredients, which can add slow release anti allergy function and skin repair function.

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The skin care essence ingredients are processed by nanotechnology to form a nano instant essence layer, which is attached to the base cloth layer of tiansilk facial mask / Eye Mask.

Nano-essence mask

Advantages of Nano mask:

1. The essence is made into nano particles, which can be combined with any essence water or purified water. It melts when it meets water. It is convenient to use and has excellent absorption effect.

2. No preservatives, emulsifiers and other chemicals are used to avoid skin damage.

3. In the dry powder state, it increases the stability of nutrients and reduces oxidation and degradation.

4. It is better for sensitive skin and damaged skin


Usage of nano essence series facial mask / Eye Mask:

1. Facial cleansing

2. Spray small amount of water (pure water, toner and make-up water), stick the nano instant facial mask / eye mask to the skin, and remove the base cloth of the removable facial mask / eye mask first.

3. Spray pure water / toner / lotion, and the essence of facial mask / eye mask will be absorbed quickly. After the essence is absorbed, the integrated facial mask / eye mask can remove the facial mask / eye mask base cloth.

4. Gently massage it with your finger until it is completely absorbed if there is still essence on your face.

 Nanofiber mask

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