Nanofiber Material Children Mask

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5 layer mask


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Special industry protective masks, professional medical anti-infectious masks, anti-dust masks, fresh air system filter element, air purifier filter element, air conditioning filter element, water purification equipment filter element, nano-fiber mask, nano-dust screen window, nano-fiber cigarette filter, etc. Widely used in construction, mining, outdoor workers, high dust workplace, medical workers, the place with a high incidence of infectious diseases, traffic police, spraying, chemical exhaust, aseptic workshop etc.

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Nanofiber Material Children Mask

Electrostatically spun functional nanofiber membrane has small diameters, about 100-300 nm, It has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small aperture and good air permeability etc.

Let’s realized precision filters in air and water filter special protection, medical protective material, precision instrument aseptic operation workshop etc., Current filter materials can’t compare with it as the small aperture. LOGO

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