Price 98% Calcium Acetate Powder

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product name: calcium acetate

assay: 98%

cas no: 62-54-4

Appearance: white powder

package: 25kg /bag


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Price 98% Calcium Acetate Powder 

Product Name: Calcium Acetate Anhydrous Other Name: calcium salt of acetic acid 

CAS No.: 62-54-4 
 HS code:2915299090 
 Grade: USP grade,FCC Grade,Food Grade Physical Form:White ball shape Granular, Powder,crystal powder
Pig Feed  Calcium Acetate

5.Soluble in water. It is slightly soluble in ethanol. Usage: Inhibitors; Stabilizers; Buffers; Flavor Enhancers; Preservatives; Nutritional Enhancers; pH Regulators; Chelating Agents; Processing Aids; Also Used in the Synthesis of Acetate. Because of excellent calcium supplement, it also be used in medicine and chemical reagents.
6. Usages: preservative, mildew-retarding agent
25kg/bag with plastic bag inside to prevent humidity and anti-caking. 1mt to be palletized in 1.1mx1.1m pallet
18mts to be loosed in 1x20” FCL for Granular without pallet
12mts to be loosed in 1x20” FCL for Powder without pallet
14mts to be loosed in 1x20” FCL for irregular granule without pallet

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