Fluorocarbon paint insulation integrated board

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Fluorocarbon paint insulation integrated board


Decorative surface layer

Carrier layer

Insulation core material

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  •  Structure:

Decorative surface layer

Carrier layer

Insulation core material

Available in a variety of colors


  • Decorative surface layer

Tetrafluorocarbon metal paint

Tetrafluorocarbon four color paintCarrier layer

  • Carrier layer:

High strength inorganic resin board

Steel substrate

Aluminum substrate insulation core material


  • Insulation core material

XPS single-sided composite insulation layer

EPS single-sided composite insulation layer

SEPS single-sided composite insulation layer

PU single-sided composite insulation layer

AA (Grade A) double-sided composite insulation layer


Advantages & Features:

1. It has a heavy metal texture, bright colors, and soft luster, with extremely high durability and UV resistance, lasting and bright as new;


2. Super weather resistance performance, with a service life of over 30 years


3. Excellent anti-corrosion performance, resistant to corrosion from various acidic and alkaline media;


4. Excellent anti fouling and self-cleaning performance, blocking the invasion of scale, making it difficult for dust to adhere, easy to clean, and integrated with insulation layer. Excellent insulation performance, not affected by temperature and humidity changes


5. Convenient installation, meeting the requirements of energy conservation and assembly for entry.

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