Nanofiber anti-haze window screen

Short Description:

1.high filtration efficiency

2. good air permeability

3. high light transmittance

4. key layer: nanofiber membrane

5.structure: three layers

(non-woven fabric+nanofiber membrane +Melt-blown fabric)

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  The common window screen is generally a single-layer screen structure, and its mesh size is usually between 1-3mm, which can only prevent mosquitoes, flying flocs and sand dust with large particles, but it has no isolation effect for pm2.5 or even PM10 with micron level.

     The annofiber anti-haze window screen we produce is composed of glass fiber window screen, nanofiber filter layer and ultra-fine nylon mesh by using ultrasonic bonding technology.The diameter of nanofiber is 150-300nm, with high porosity, low pressure drop and high filtration efficiency.Nanofiber anti-haze window screen has good air permeability, high light transmittance, PM2.5 filtration efficiency of 99.9%, which effectively prevents harmful suspended particles such as bacteria,virus,pollen, micro powder dust and automobile exhaust in the air, and keepsthe indoor air fresh at all times. Nanofiber anti-haze window screen can be used in high-en housing, hospitals, schools and other addition, the nanofiber anti-hazewindow screen is not only a functional object to isolate haze, but also can decorate indoor and outdoor space and improve the aesthetic feeling of home.

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