Fresh air system filter element

Short Description:

    Shandong Blue future’s nanofiber is physical isolation, Do not have any effect from charge and environmental. Isolate contaminants on the surface of the membrane.

    The protection performance is stable and the time is longer.


Product Detail

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   Electrostatic spinning functional nanofiber membrane is a new material with broad development prospects.

    It has small aperture, about 100~300 nm, large specific surface area. The finished nanofiber membranes has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small aperture, good air permeability etc., make the material has strategic application prospect in filtration, medical materials, waterproof breathable and other environmental protection and energy field etc.

Our products:

1. Mask 

2. Air purifier filter element

Nanofiber  filter element

Product advantage  :

  1. Low wind resistance, High Ventilation
  2. Combined electrostatic filtration and physical filtration, excellent and stable performance
  3.  it has good filter efficiency of high suspended particle.
  4. Excellent antibacterial properties


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