Trimethylamine hydrochloride CAS NO.:593-81-7

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Product Name: Trimethylamine hydrochloride

CAS NO.:593-81-7

Trimethylamine Hcl; TMA HCL

Chemical formula: C3H10CIN

Molecular weight:95.58 g/mol.

Its structure contains a trimethylamino group (N (CH3) 3)

Forms a hydrochloride structure with hydrochloric acid (HCI).

Trimethylamine hydrochloride, as an organic compound, has a wide range of functions and applications.

It has important research and application value in fields such as biochemistry, organic synthesis, and pharmaceutical chemistry.

In practical applications, it is necessary to make reasonable choices and uses based on specific needs and conditions.

  • Trimethylamine hydrochloride: biogenic amine
  • Trimethylamine Hcl: Pharmaceutical intermediate
  • TMA HCL: organic compound
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    Trimethylamine HCl has important applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

    Firstly, trimethylamine hydrochloride can be used to synthesize many pharmaceutical intermediates and active molecules.

    Secondly, trimethylamine hydrochloride can be used to synthesize biologically active compounds, such as anticancer, antiviral, antibacterial, anti tuberculosis drugs, etc.

    In addition, trimethylamine hydrochloride can also be used as a buffer and stabilizer in drug formulations to adjust the acidity and stability of drugs.


    1. Salty agent in seasoning, food additives, and feed.

    2. Softener in the processing of textiles and leather.

    3. Metal cleaning agent, solvent, and preservative

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