Bulk CAS 156-54-7 Sodium-butyrate Powder Sodium Butyrate

Short Description:

Product Name: Sodium-butyrate Powder

Cas No: 156-54-7

Assay: 98%

Moisture: Moisture

Moisture:  16 mesh sieve through, 100%; 60 mesh sieve through, not less than 85%

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What is Sodium Butyrate?

Feed Sodium Butyrate direct energy source for intestinal epithelial cells; Repair damaged epithelial cells.
Increase intestinal villi height; Increase feed intake, improve the production performance; Improve the group uniformity;Bactericidal and antibacterial, a strong synergy with the antibiotic, and markedly growth-promoting effect, stimulate effect for suckling piglets and weaning piglets, benefit to elevate weaning weight.

Test Item
Technical specification
White powder, easy moisture absorption and easy water soluble,with special smell of cheese
Clarity of solution
PH(1.0g/50ml water solution)
Particle size
100% pass 900um(16mesh)
80% pass 250um(60 mesh)

 sodium butyrate

Use of CAS 156-54-7 Sodium Butyrate

1.It can increase the cell energy and promote the growth of intestinal mucosa.
2.It can promote the proliferation of beneficial bacterium.

3.It can keep the piggy fit after ablactation of piggy.
4.It can increase the growth performance of animal.

5.It can increase the content of volatile fatty acid and reduce the PH value of intestinal canal.
6.It can strengthen the immunity of intestinal canal and keep the intestinal canal fit.
7.It has well synergy with antibiotics, inhibits bacteria and promotes the growth.

Sodium Butyrate CAS 156-54-7 Packaging
Bag, 25kg OR 25KG DRUM
Sodium Butyrate CAS 156-54-7 Storage
Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.


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