Choline chloride 98% — Food additives

Short Description:

Name: Choline Chloride

Chemical Name: (2-Hydroxyethyl) trimethylammonium Chloride

CAS numeber: 67-48-1

Assay: 98.0-100.5% d.s.

pH(10% solution ): 4.0-7.0

Belong to: Vitamin B

Usage: Important composition of lecithinum, acetylcholine and posphatidylcholine.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Choline chloride is widely used as a food additive, mainly to enhance the flavor and taste of food.

It can be used in condiments, biscuits, meat products, and other foods to enhance their flavor and extend their shelf life.

Choline Chloride

Physical/Chemical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Colorless or white crystals
  • Odor: odorless or faint characteristic odor
  • Melting Point: 305℃
  • Bulk Density: 0.7-0.75g/mL
  • Solubility: 440g/100g,25℃

Product Applications

Choline chloride is an important composition of lecithinum, acetylcholine and posphatidylcholine. It is used in many fields like:

  1. Infant formulas and formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants, follow-up formulas, processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children, canned baby foods and special pregnant milks.
  2. Geriatric / parenteral nutrition and special feeding needs .
  3. Veterinary uses and special feeding supplement.
  4. Pharmaceutical uses: Hepatic protector and anti-stress preparations.
  5. Multivitamin complexes, and energy and sport drinks ingredient.

Safety and Regulatory

The product meets the specifications laid down by the FAO/WHO, the EU regulation on food additives, USP and the US Food Chemical Codex.


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