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DMPT (Dimethyl β – propiothetin), known as dimethyl β – propiothetin。

It is an active substance widely exist in marine organisms. It is enriched in many phytoplankton and seaweed bodies, as well as in the cells of symbiotic mollusks such as clams and corals, as well as in krill and fish. It is a strong and effective additive for aquatic feeding and increasing growth rate.

DMPT is an important osmotic pressure regulator, which enables algae and fish and shrimp to live in high salinity seawater without being affected by high salinity and freezing.

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    The earliest DMPT was a pure natural compound extracted from seaweed, but due to its low content, high metal impurities, and low yield, it could not meet market demand.

    Aquatic attractant DMPT

    Therefore, experts developed artificially synthesized DMPT based on the structure of natural DMPT and formed industrial production.

    Our company has made some improvements to the traditional DMPT process, which has higher content and better stability than the traditional process.

    DMPT is a highly effective food attractant and growth promoting additive, making it widely used in fishing bait and aquatic feed.

    Adding it to the bait in a certain proportion can improve its lure and make it easier for fish to bite the hook.

    Adding it to aquatic feed in a certain proportion can not only promote fish and shrimp feeding, improve their growth rate, but also shorten the residence time of feed in the water, thereby reducing residual bait in the water and avoiding pollution to the aquaculture water caused by the decay of residual bait,

    DMPT is a safe, non-toxic, residue free, green and efficient aquatic feed additive.

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