Rock color paint insulation board

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+External Decoration Layer

+Carrier layer

+temperature retaining core material

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Rock color paint insulation board


Integrated board construction


External Decoration Layer+Carrier layer +temperature retaining core material

External decoration layer

Rock color paint layer

Carrier Layer

High strength inorganic resin plate 

Temperature retaining core material

Xps  Single-sided composite layer   EPS Single-side composite layer

SEPS   Single-sided composite layer  PU  Single-sided composite layer

AA( A Grade)  double side composite layer 


岩彩漆保温一体板  1



  1. Rock color paint has excellent stone simulation effect,  imitation degree is more than 95%, rich-colored and durable.
  2. Rock color paint adopts imported water-based emulsion and has a unique production process(water-in-water, water-coated sand, sand-coated sand ).
  3. Excellent self-cleaning performance, the service life can reach more than 25 years
  4. Integrated with insulation layer ,excellent thermal insulation performance, not affected by temperature and humidity changes
  5. Easy to install, meet the building energy saving and assembly requirements

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